VIP Group

This group has TONS of added benefits such as:



Occasional freebies and fun sent out in the group and rezzed in store just for VIPs!

Special group only notices, sales, and events.

Joining the Cheeky Pea VIP group entitles you to 50% off every new regular release (e.g. not event, etc) for the first 48 hours, as well as 20% returned in store credit for all purchases on the Cheeky Pea sim (wear your tag!)

  • The 50% off for the first 48 hours of a release applies to in-store non-event releases only. You are not able to use store credit for this purchase, nor will you gain store credit from the sale. This is a cash-only sale. The purchased items WILL be in your store history and will be available on the redelivery terminal. There is no gifting facility on the sale price item. Sale applies to set price only.
  • 20% store credit earned on in-store purchases applies to items purchased on the Cheeky Pea sim only. This does not apply to satellite locations nor events. This DOES however apply to in-store event releases (such as The Neighbourhood).
  • You must wear your tag (activate the group in the groups window) to receive the 20% store credit bonus.
  • NEW! There will be a minimum of 4 in-store full set releases every calendar year and one small decor release per month.

The group join fee is non refundable with absolutely zero exceptions. If you are found to be spamming or phishing you will be removed.

The fee for this group is 500l. This is a one-time fee and you will never be asked to pay anything again. During times where a new release is available for the VIP special the group fee will be raised to 1,000l.

You can join by clicking on the link above to find out more on Cheeky Pea VIP Group or you can find the group join sign in our mainstore.

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