TV Script Issues

We have two TV systems. The older of which is the HEZ media script as instructed below. Our newer custom media system tutorial can be found HERE.

When you purchase an item that allows you to watch media on it, it will simply mimic that of your parcel. The media player is NOT a television script, but it will play video from a source. You must deed the screen panel to your group if the land you are using is group owned (right click – edit – ensure correct group is set – tick share box – click deed – ok). This will allow the screen to play parcel media as set by you or another media device.

From the HEZ manual:

Using the Magic Media Screen Script

When the Magic Media Screen Script is placed into an object it will automatically try to determine the media texture. If no media texture is set, or the object owner is not the same as the parcel owner (or the object is not deeded to the group which owns the parcel) the script will whisper that it could not change it’s texture.

The Script will try to set itself to the parcel media texture whenever it is rezzed, or clicked. This means that if the parcel media texture is changed, or the object ownership changes (for example, it is deeded to the group), the prim just needs to be touched, and it will update its texture.

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