Terms of Purchase

We will refund double purchases of the same no transfer item by the same avatar on request. A ticket must be submitted via our Support Portal with full transaction history copied and pasted. The Transaction ID prefix alone is not enough. You can find your transaction history on the SL website or by clicking this link.

All items have full demos available in our main store, or at the event the item is advertised. Please try the demos as they are a representation of the item you purchase. If you are unhappy with the look, colour, or composition this will not change between the demo and the final item version. There will be no refunds for changing your mind.

This being said… if you find an issue with any of our items please let us know immediately via our Support Portal. We endeavor to make sure every item is perfect, Second Life can change over time, we may not have tested every possible scenario that the creative residents of SL can come up with, there’s the ever present threat of lag, and mistakes can happen. We will try to fix your issue as soon as possible but please be aware some issues (such as scripts, animations) may take longer as we depend on 3rd party creators to script for us and they may take longer to reply to our concerns. We will try to fix it as quickly as we are able. To ensure the issue is remedied at the earliest possible opportunity please use the Support Portal, this allows the first available staff member to answer your ticket.

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