Gacha Swap for Copy Version

You want to swap your no copy items for copy/no trans? (Let’s face it, furniture + SL = roulette)


You will need to follow instructions to the letter for Gacha swaps. Due to the nature and volume of gacha it is impossible to track back to the source if this system is not followed. This is a service that is not required of gacha, this is an extra perk we are offering.

  • Visit our Support Page. Click Open New Ticket. On the top Help ticket drop down navigate to Other / Gacha Swap. Please list the name of each item you would like to swap. Each item must be listed.
  • In Second Life please create a new folder. You can do this by right clicking at the top of your inventory and choosing New – Folder.
  • Rename the folder. Please name the Folder (Your Resident Name) / CP Gacha Swap.
  • Include the items that you would like to swap in the folder. This should match the list on your corresponding ticket in our Support System.
  • Send the folder to CheekyPea Resident. (NOT Isla Gealach please. It must go to CheekyPea Resident.)
  • You will be sent No Transfer/Copy versions that correspond with the items supplied and your purchased items tracked via our gacha vendor.

Please keep in mind we are humans that sleep and eat and do things that do not involve being online 24 hours a day. One ticket will suffice. We will attempt to return items to you as soon as possible at all times. Please do not send multiple tickets or IMs. We will try to help as soon as we are able.

Please keep this format for simplicity and so your items do not get lost. Lost items (such as unnamed folders or items sent not in named folders) can’t be guaranteed to be swapped.

ONLY ITEMS PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM THE GACHA WILL BE SWAPPED. We will not swap secondhand purchases. We will only swap verified purchased items.

We hope this will help you further and we want you to enjoy these items for a long time to come so we would like to offer the swap service for your convenience.

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