Editing Positions in AVSitter

  1. Select the animation you would like to change for your avatar’s seated position. (In this instance I am changing the animation Reflect on the :CP: Hello Vegas Corner Sofa)
  2. Click Adjust on the menu.
  3. The top middle button will show you WHAT you are adjusting. In this case it is position. If you would like to change the rotation of an animation simply click the top middle button, it will then allow you to change the rotation. Please note rotation and position are based on the root prim of the itemNOT SL default. This is unchangeable based on scripting limitations so can vary from item to item. (If you don’t understand what I just said, it doesn’t really apply to you!)
  4. Adjust the position to the desired location.
  5. Click Save to save the rotation or position. Click Save All to save both.

You can return to default at any time by clicking the button labelled Default.

Please also note you can change the step size (for rotation it is number of degrees for position it is distance) by clicking the upper right hand button. Continue to click to cycle through available alterations.


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