Cheeky Pea Experiences

Cheeky Pea are proud to announce the introduction Second Life Experiences. Experiences have been available in Linden Realms for some time and have now been released for use by the wider community. In short this allows you to grant permissions once to enjoy immersive experiences. At launch we will use Cheeky Pea experiences to aid in your navigation around the store and to visit the events we regularly participate in.



When join an experience the following permissions are granted:
Play Animation
Take Controls (for instance when using a vehicle)
Attach (for example attaching demo objects or HUDs)
Track and Control Camera (for example to register where you are looking in a game, or to direct your view to a specific point).

By joining the experience we can also assign and store data consistently. We may use this in the future to make fun games and events.



Debit permissions are not granted. We can never take your money by using an experience.



We promise to use experiences to enhance your Second Life and to make shopping with us easier and more fun. At launch Cheeky Pea Experiences will be used to make teleporting and navigation more easy. In the future we hope to develop experiences into games and fun stuff.



Further information on Second Life Experiences can be found in the Second Life Knowledge Base

We will update this page as we have more information on experiences and as we develop the Cheeky Pea Experience. So please watch this space!



First of all you must be using an ‘Experience aware viewer’ at present the latest official Second Life Viewer and Firestorm are experience aware. We know this because we use those viewers at Cheeky Pea Towers. Other viewers are available.

On first use of Cheeky Pea Experiences you will be asked if you want to join the experience or if you want help. Help will direct you here. Choosing ‘Join’ will present you with the option to join the experience. You need only do this once. You will remain in the experience until you choose to leave it.

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