Buying a Gift Card

Visit our in world store. You can find the Customer Service area here.

1. Touch the sign that says “Purchase Gift Card” It will ask you if you would like to purchase a gift card. Say yes. It will then give you the gift card object. Accept it.

2. Wear the Gift Card (it will be in your inventory, you just accepted it, remember!)

3. Select the gift card amount you would like it to be for from the menu that appears on your screen. You can choose a set amount (shown) or choose Other and it will let you put your own amount in.

4. Right Click on the sign and choose Pay. The amount you selected (or entered) will be in the Pay Resident box. Click on the button to pay that amount.

5. Detach the gift card. It is ACTIVE now and you can give it to the recipient. (It will be no copy/no mod.)


If you need assistance with this or any other issue please open a ticket using our Support Portal.

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