My stuff is MISSING! I didn’t get it!!

There is a redelivery terminal in the Cheeky Pea main store.

Where IS your store?!

Cheeky Pea is Here.

Spam me with your links please!!

Ok! Follow Cheeky Pea in the following places Flickr GroupWebsiteFacebook, and Plurk! Please let us know if there is somewhere else you want to see Cheeky Pea!

I get an error when my partner tries to sit! It says “No Room To Sit”. How do you fix this?

There is a bug with SL that sometimes comes up with this error and it’s very easy to fix. Just grab this.

Single Sits are missing!

If your item is listed (as an example) with 20 single sits and you only see 5 check and make sure they aren’t on an additional menu! Many items are configured to allow MORE THAN ONE PERSON to sit. Just hit Swap or Select to choose a different animation set!

Temp Attach Info
This item may utilise the Temporary attach feature. No more hunting in your inventory and attaching things! You just choose yes to attach, when you are finished you can detach and the items poofs from your inventory! No more clogging up your folders with wearables.

How the heck do I buy a gift card?

Read all about it Cheeky Pea gift cards here!

How can I use Store Credit?

For information on Cheeky Pea gift cards look here!

I bought a TV and I’m not sure how to use it. 

Find out more info here.

My things are disappearing when I back up!

Go to your Preferences box and turn on Advanced. Turn the Slider up to High.
Cheeky Pea Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 095027

Alternatively, you can go to Advanced – Show Debug Settings, type in RenderVolumeLODfactor and change it to 4 or 5.

Are you looking for bloggers! Can I rent from you!?

Sometimes but not always! If you’re interested in being a Cheeky Pea blogger please fill out our contact form with the menu option – blogger request. The contact form can be found here. Just a note – if you don’t currently blog furniture or credit it, it’s unlikely to grab my attention.

I have a question  not answered here! Who do I contact?

Please send any and all questions, requests, suggestions, correspondence via the Cheeky Pea support portal. It is a very organised system and it helps me from losing things – something I do a lot.

If you need assistance with this or any other issue please open a ticket using the Cheeky Pea Support Portal.