Terms of Purchase

We will refund double purchases of the same no transfer item by the same avatar on request. A ticket must be submitted via our Support Portal with full transaction history copied and pasted. The Transaction ID prefix alone is not enough. You can find your transaction history on the SL website or by clicking 

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Cheeky Pea Experiences

Cheeky Pea are proud to announce the introduction Second Life Experiences. Experiences have been available in Linden Realms for some time and have now been released for use by the wider community. In short this allows you to grant permissions once to enjoy immersive experiences. At launch we will use Cheeky Pea experiences to aid in your navigation around the store and to visit the events

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Store Credit

If you’d like to purchase something that is slightly more than your store credit balance it’s very easy to top-up your balance. Simply visit the customer kiosk in the mainstore and pay the sign labelled Store Credit the balance. For example you want to purchase a chair that is 450l, but you only have 400l in store credit. Pay the Store Credit sign 50l and you will then have 450l

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